Lalatango, the French brand of shoes for living and dancing

Lalatango, the French brand of shoes for living and dancing

Because they were created for Argentine tango, Lalatango shoes are super comfortable, stable and elegant for all occasions.

The sensuality, the comfort and the requirement of the tango at your feet
in the city as in the dance!

Tango shoes, kizomba, salsa ...
City, evening, wedding, outing shoes ...
Live like you dance!

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The shape ofshoes lalatangohas been designed to provide a larger floor space allowing dancers totango argentinto optimize their support.

The internal structure of the sole has been reinforced under the arch of the foot but lightened under the forefoot in order to obtain the best compromise betweenflexibilityandstability.

Optimized comfort

Whether you are a dancer oftango argentinor simply a follower ofhigh heels, your metatarsals will thank you: we have concocted an ultra-cushioning soft pain-relieving pad made from a patented high-tech podiatry memory foam!

The shape ofshoeshere too is essential so that the arch of the foot is well supported. She is exceptional atlalatango !

French Touch et Tango Touch

lalatango, those areshoes designed and designed in France, the country where haute couture, fashion and creation are an integral part of the culture.

Argentine tango is the inspiration for thesesensual shoesthat sublimate your feet.

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