Pricing policy / Sales

At Lalatango, we offer top-of-the-range, high-quality shoes, designed in France and manufactured in Europe.
They are made in small series in order to offer you more choice and to avoid too many dancers having the same shoes on their feet.
All this has a cost...

This is why we do not offer sales* at Lalatango.

Dear customers, we thank you very much for your trust! Your purchases make it possible to perpetuate and develop Lalatango, the French brand of Argentine tango shoes.

*Article L310-3 of the French Commercial Code indicates: "Sales are considered sales which, on the one hand, are accompanied or preceded by advertising and are announced as tending, by a price reduction, to accelerated disposal of goods in stock and which, on the other hand, take place during the periods defined, for the calendar year, as follows: two periods lasting six weeks each, the start dates and times of which are fixed by decree . »