The aesthetic aspect... or how to avoid being a wallflower in milonga

She's been there for hours, all cute, throwing great miradas at all the dancers around her, but no one catches this yet intense gaze.... She can't take it anymore, it's the annoying now, it happens to him so often! She's tired of being a wallflower. She will end up stopping the tango.
However, she wears pretty Latin dance shoes that a friend, a salsa dancer, recommended to her.

And There you go. It's probably as simple as that: she doesn't have tango shoes. And the guides notice that at first glance.

So let's not get carried away, it's not necessarily because they think she's less sexy, no no, not necessarily! Let's stop these a priori... sexist ;)

It is rather because the dancers know that if the dancer does not wear REAL tango shoes, there is more chance that she is a beginner. Quite simply.
And Latin dancing shoes are not real tango shoes.

Why "ballroom dancing" or "Latin dancing" shoes are not suitable

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