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  • Laetitia (11/20/2023)
I wanted to thank you and congratulate you, your shoes “dance on their own”!! What a pleasure, it’s wonderful!

  • Maria (09/08/2023)
Immediately purchased, immediately tested: they are great, adjusted exactly as needed, super comfortable, a real joy. My teachers find them super beautiful. Me too !!! Thank you Clotilde 🌸

  • Anonymous (03/14/2023) (about a piece of jewelry)

The golden medallion with the silhouette of two dancers was very popular because it is very refined and the pattern is well detailed. Valérie is very keen on it and we are going to add a safety chain to her. Thanks again.

  • Véronique and Jean-François (03/02/2023)

    I discovered Lalatango shoes in July 2022 and I can certify that I won't be able to live without them as they are so comfortable and pretty. In addition we are welcomed and advised by Clothilde whom I appreciate for her kindness, her patience and the high quality of her advice to find shoes that suit me.
    Clotilde also provides after-sales service to improve our comfort if necessary.
    Thanks to Clotilde thanks to whom I can dance without suffering!!

    • Christine Wintgens (09/12/2022)

    I had a wonderful encounter when I opened the door of Lalatango. First with Clotilde, so friendly, attentive, very patient. And attentive to everyone's needs. She was able to advise me on the right pair depending on the hallux valgus, which is very difficult to accommodate and hide in this type of shoe.
    Well the miracle has happened!
    A wonderful encounter with these shoes, which I wore the same evening, for 2 hours, during a Milonga. , from the first use
    Just incredible.
    And what's more, they are refined shoes, very chic and comfortable with a padded sole.
    For sure, I will only wear lalatangos.
    Thank you Clotilde for saving my feet.

    • Laurence (10/22/2022)
    I wore last night for the first time in a milonga in Le Havre the shoes that I bought 8 days ago from Clothilde... And I am ENCHANTED! Although I had been dancing in tennis shoes for several years because I could no longer stand the heels and the pain with all my pairs, I didn't take them off all evening, a treat! And I received lots of compliments. I'm won over, thank you very much!


    • Rosane B (05/09/2022)

    I received the shoes I ordered from you during the evening in Tarbes,
    thank you.
    I tried them this weekend, both pairs fit me very well, this perfect.
    Thank you, see you next year in Tarbes!

    • Charlotte V (06/07/2022)
    I wanted to give you some feedback on the crossover model shoes purchased Friday morning. They are really very comfortable: I have never worn heels that are so comfortable. They are really suitable for dancing.
    In addition to the functional or technical elements described, they are also very beautiful.
    I am very satisfied with my purchase !

    • Julie (08/09/2022)

    Nothing to say, everything is perfect, comfort, aesthetics and leather quality! A huge thank you! to Clotilde. Julie

    • Isabelle M (06/14/2022)

    Hello Clotilde,
    This little note to tell you that today, for the first time and all day... scorching hot, I wore the pair of black and white Lalatango shoes... and...
    They are awesome!
    Very elegant and ultra comfortable!
    I don't hurt anywhere and haven't felt them all day!
    A wonder
    It's been a long time since I've looked this good in a pair of heels...if I ever have...
    In short: congratulations on the design and production and a big thank you!

    • Dorota (04/18/2022)

      Hello Clotilde,
      I just wanted to tell you that your shoes are truly magical. I went to a milonga last night where I often keep the chair since the level is high. I didn't stop dancing and only with very good riders. They say in Poland: "a dress doesn't make a dancer" but your shoes certainly do, too easy with such a comfortable pair. Many thanks once again.

      • Jia (04/15/2022)
      Beautiful, classy shoes, and very, very comfortable! So far I have taken two pairs: Croisé Serpent Noir and Croisé Nude rosé. The black Salomé with silver contrast is super pretty but too bad as this model is open behind my feet protrude slightly…

      Thanks to Clotilde who received me. You are as discreet as you are friendly, classy!

      • Danielle (01/22/2022)

      I gave myself Lalatango shoes as a Christmas present, they are beautiful, aesthetic, I am delighted with them. I was in telephone contact with Clotilde, a very kind person who was able to inform me and above all advise me. I have been using them for more than 3 weeks, no pain in my feet knowing that I have hallux valgus as well as an aponeurosis of the arch of the foot. It's a pleasure to dance without the fear of pain. Thank you very much, I wish a happy new year to the whole team and all the dancers.

      • Marie-Noëlle (01/19/2022)
      Thank you again for your completely complete response, I am really satisfied with the Lalatango shoes. I praise them to everyone because I look perfectly good at 7cm, even though I have never worn stiletto heels!
      Some friends told me that they were in pain and even put on bandages (concerning other brands obviously)... I wore each of the two pairs purchased for 2 hours straight from the first time and “no side effects”, I I was barely stiff in the metatarsals.
      I would come back to you with pleasure, your shoes are wonderful!
      Very good continuation to you.

      • Ania, Poland (12/20/2021)
      Dear Clotilde,
      I received my tango shoes! I would like to thank you very much. They are really very comfortable and I feel very stable dancing (the heel is really good). I had been waiting very long because of the circumstances caused by Covid but it was wothy it!
      Have a nice Christmas and I wish you very prosperous New Year 2022 in a tango vibe.
      PS. Waiting for new models :)

      • Dana, USA (11/23/2021)

      I adore your shoes beyond any others I've had in the past, both for their fit (how well they hold my foot and ankle), sizing, as well as flexibility. This has created a perfect connection, both to my foot, as well as to the floor. They are heaven on earth!

      • Brigitte Barjon from Lyon (03/11/2021)

      Good morning,
      There you go, I inaugurated my new Lalatango shoes in progress at the Libertango company! very comfortable. I did the 3 hours of lessons like on a cloud.
      THANKS !

      • Diatou (10/20/2021)

      I bought three pairs of shoes 3 years ago, after years of struggle, I finally found the right shoe for me... they combine comfort and aesthetics... what's more, Clotilde is really charming and very listening....A big thank you to her.

      • Julia (09/12/2021)

      After 4/5 milongas with my new shoes seriously put to the test, I wanted to say a big thank you and well done. These are the most comfortable shoes I have. And very beautiful, too 😍

      • Patricia (06/28/2021)

      After more than a year without dancing, I was able to return to tango intensively without any pain thanks to lalatango shoes. I bought two other pairs, a wide choice of material colors and a personalized welcome in store with Clotilde. And magnificent jewelry as a bonus

      • Ophélie (05/12/2021)

      I just received the Aire model in 35.5 and it's absolutely perfect! What are beautiful!
      I'm really happy to have given myself this wonderful gift and I can't wait to dance with it!

      • Roselyne (04/05/2021)
      Ordered shoes and delivered within 72 hours.
      Very beautiful shoes, impeccable quality and comfort of the shoe ++++
      Very good telephone reception and Clotilde is very kind.
      Shop that I warmly recommend.

      • Michèle (03/31/2021)

      As a beginner, I came to your stock at the time to buy two pairs, a pair of Uno Champagne that I love and which allowed me to progress well - my tango teacher is convinced of it! They have become supple and comfortable as can be! - and a pair of gorgeous Uno Florals that I'm now starting to use.

      • Anonymous (11/13/2020)

      shoes discovered in Paris during an evening, comfort +++, comments from other dancers ++++

      • Anonymous (10/27/2020)

        Thank you very much for your professionalism. The shoes are very comfortable. Good continuation.

        • Valérie Kanapa (08/11/2020)

        I am very happy with my recently purchased Lalatango shoes: for the first time since I started wearing dance shoes, I didn't get blisters the first night I wore them and haven't had them for weeks protect each toe before going out dancing. The sole is significantly softer and thicker than my other previous pairs. Thank you Clotilde for the time you were kind enough to devote to me in your warehouse

        • Valérie (08/10/2020)

          Your black shoes are very comfortable, I didn't need to get used to them, not even a blister on the first evening!

          • Mireille (01/07/2020)

          A big thank you to Clotilde for her advice, her efficiency, her kindness, in a word her professionalism and of course a big thank you to Lalatango for the quality and aesthetics of the shoes. See you soon for other pairs...

          • Anonymous (07/01/2020)

          I was welcomed magnificently by the designer/dancer. She gave me all the time I needed to ask my questions, to try, to think. Her models are beautiful, graceful, refined and very comfortable. Go see her, it’s also a great human encounter.

          • Juliette B (06/27/2020) - shoes for the city

          Hello Clotilde,
          No more questions from my side, just certainties: your creations are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! I just ordered a pair of nudes but you will absolutely have to prepare some closed toe models for us when winter comes: I can't do without them! 🤗

          • Danièle (05/20/2020)

          A super comfortable fit that allows you to dance without having to change shoes during the evening. Once tried it is adopted!!!

          • Anonymous (05/20/2020)

          It is rare to find tango shoes that combine comfort and aesthetics. With Lala tango we don't have to choose between the two! Elegant lines, colors and materials to die for - figuratively only I reassure you ;o) - besides you won't fall thanks to the stable and comfortable heel! All served by Clotilde, the friendly creator of this company. Thank you Clotilde!

          • Céline Ocence (05/13/2020)

          Against the sadness and isolation of confinement, I found my best anti-depression remedy. two doses of Lalatango (one nude pair and one turquoise) to be repeated as soon as possible. :-) I am much better, I have a smile again, strong morale and a strong desire to dance :-) Congratulations to this brand, great quality, comfort, superb colors, I recommend 100% . Bravo Clotilde, long life @ Lalatango

          • Anonymous (03/01/2020)

            Clothilde was very welcoming and attentive. The shoes are very beautiful and comfortable and there is a lot of choice! THANKS!

            • Françoise (03/01/2020)

            Warm welcome to the pop-up boutique on rue Pétion, an excellent opportunity to discover "for real" the beautiful collection of tango shoes, all the models and all the colors with the wise advice of Clotilde. Trying on is important to know your size and the model in which you feel best. The hardest part is choosing because the models are all superb and of different styles. I tested my shoes and it's a new pleasure, the foot is well held, the sole slides, the heel is stable. All that's left to do is dance...all night long! A big thank you to Clotilde for her creations!

            • Iryna (02/29/2020)

            Super comfortable shoes! I have several pairs, I love them 😍.. and want to buy one more!

            • Simona (January 9, 2020)
            Dear Clotilde,
            I received the shoes a week ago already.
            They are perfect and superb! Thank you and congratulations on your art!
            Thank you for the delicate attention of the attached gift.
            I renew my best wishes for health, prosperity and serenity for this year and wish you a very beautiful day.

            • Laurence (December 27, 2019)

            hello clotilde;
            I have just received the shoes and I must tell you that I am very pleasantly surprised, they are very pretty and very soft to wear; after two purchases not very successful or I had to put up with models or I had to choose between a comfortable model and a color that didn't suit me, or even too small or too big to end up reselling them. Also I say thank you for this sentimental model in 1/2 size, beautifully made.
            and very happy end of year celebrations.

            • Carole (December 19, 2019)

            Thank you Clothilde for your kindness, your advice and your patience. I love both of my pairs! The 9cm are great (“UNO” models)! Good foot hold, great stability, comfort in the arch and metatarsals. The color (duck green) is cheerful and original, it gives pep to my black outfits ;))
            The 8cm are very good too (“sentimental” model), very elegant in nude pink. I am very happy with my purchases :))

            • Fannette (November 7, 2019)

              I quickly received the pair and thank you very much. Careful delivery, and I only discovered the fan this evening in the box, hidden at the bottom..!
              They are very cute indeed, and what a pleasure to have been able to test them for hours on the Albigensian slope..!
              Stability, comfort, foot support (I added holes to the strap for my very thin foot).
              Nothing to complain about, I am delighted to have met your models (and your professional and sincere advice) on the last evening in Tarbes just before packing up.
              I will not fail to praise its merits.
              Thank you again and have fun,

              • Karine (November 4, 2019)

                Very pretty shoe and really ultra comfortable thanks to the reinforced sole.
                And what a pleasure to be advised by Clotilde.

                • Agostina Tarchini, 2017 world champion of stage tango (November 1, 2019) Instagram extracts

                “Clotilde de Lalatango thank you very much! I love my shoes”
                “I love you my lalatango shoes!”
                “Los más cómodos de Europa” (translation: “the most comfortable in Europe”)
                “These shoes are a bed base for feet”
                “Thank you very much Clotilde, your shoes are very comfortable and elegant. I love them”

                • Simone (October 27, 2019)

                  I have just purchased some magnificent shoes from the “lalatango” brand. I hesitated to take 9 cm heels. No regrets, I recommend these shoes for their comfort. Not a millonga where I have compliments from tangueras or tangueros. Having a small “35” foot, I feel like I’m playing Cinderella. Many thanks to Clotilde for her kindness.

                  • Laurianne (October 25, 2019)
                  The shoes arrived right on my birthday, and thanks to your advice, they fit me perfectly.
                  And in addition to being magnificent, what comfort! I was able to dance all night without my feet hurting!
                  Thanks again !


                  • Pearl T (October 20, 2019)

                  I am in love with my new shoes!! Thank you lalatango!!!!!!!!!!

                  • Maria (Wednesday, July 3, 2019 4:13 p.m.)

                  The shoes are stylish and comfortable. The double memory foam sole provides unparalleled stability. THANKS

                  • Marie (Monday, June 17, 2019 4:09 p.m.)

                  I have pretty fragile feet and almost never wear heels or new shoes without getting a blister. I frolicked all evening (a wedding, from noon until late at night) in my pretty gold shoes. Glided perfectly on the dance floor, no sore feet and not a single blister! :-D


                  • Sigrid (Monday, May 20, 2019 09:52)

                  The shoes are exceptional, comfort, aesthetics, quality, softness of the leather, a real joy and the icing on the cake is obviously Clotilde, thank you for your kindness, your professionalism, your availability, your responsiveness, I highly recommend the shoes Lalatango ❤️ Don't hesitate to leave a message and go there to try it, you'll adopt it �

                  • Marie-Anne (Saturday, May 18, 2019 11:42)

                  Lalatango shoes are comfortable, stable, elegant and of impeccable manufacturing quality!
                  Thanks to the half sizes, I was able to fit my narrow and thin feet.
                  I danced a whole evening with the "Uno smooth leather 8 cm heels" model... with joy!
                  Thank you Clothilde for your listening, your availability and your kindness.

                  • Julie (Monday, April 29, 2019 2:54 p.m.)

                  Very nice shoes! very elegant, and above all extremely comfortable, for dancing all night long! THANKS! and Bravo!

                  • Catherine (Thursday, April 25, 2019 10:19 p.m.)

                  Well there you have it, I was finally able to meet Clotilde and her beautiful collection of shoes.... quality models,
                  colors, choice of leathers and comfort.
                  I took 3 pairs, black, gold and shimmering red.
                  So don't hesitate any longer....

                  • Montserrat (Saturday, April 13, 2019 1:21 p.m.)

                  The shoes are very comfortable from day one!
                  For my part, the only downside for the closed-back shoes is that the leather is a little too high.
                  Thank you Clotilde for your availability and relevant opinions.

                  Response from Clotilde de Lalatango (Saturday, April 13, 2019 1:52 p.m.):

                  Thank you Montserrat for your message!
                  If the shoes bother you at the back, I'll tell you how to proceed: take the top of the rear counter between your thumb and forefinger and "twist" it (you can go there, there is no risk of it damage) forwards and backwards. This will soften this buttress and your discomfort will disappear. Do it several times if necessary, I guarantee you won't feel anything!
                  See you soon at Lalatango ;)

                  • Armelle Sebban (Wednesday, March 6, 2019 8:30 p.m.)

                  I bought two pairs at once, falling in love with them when I entered the show room.

                  Comfortable shoes, with sizes in half sizes, some models are perfect for narrow feet.

                  Clotilde showed real availability, wise advice and exchanges around two mutual passions: tango and shoes!

                  • Tina Grumme (Friday, February 22, 2019 8:25 p.m.)

                  I realized my dream of finding beautiful and comfortable Tango Shoes!
                  Thank you Clotilde

                  • Celeste (Thursday, January 24, 2019 9:48 p.m.)

                  Uno Grained leather Champagne Rosé*: this model is divine...
                  I have rejected, thrown away, given away several pairs of tango shoes due to my tough demand for the slightest pain, often from the start...surprise I can keep this model on my feet for hours I forget them! and they magnify the foot....!

                  • Charlotte Millour (Wednesday, January 23, 2019 10:54 p.m.)

                  I adore ! I only have one pair at the moment but I'll get to that soon. What comfort! In the top! Of course they are beautiful too, but what comfort!!!

                  • Alexandra (Sunday, December 30, 2018 11:01)

                  From the first try, I found exceptional comfort, real slippers!! In addition to being very elegant. Half sizes are a real plus!
                  Clotilde's kindness and availability make the purchase a truly special moment!

                  • Florence (Wednesday, November 28, 2018 9:33 p.m.)

                  I recently purchased the Flor black snake model.
                  Elegant, stable, very comfortable thanks to their memory foam sole, I highly recommend them.

                  • sonia (Friday, November 9, 2018 09:29)

                  I didn't think that shoes this high, thin and elegant could be so comfortable: real slippers!
                  After a first use (2 hours of lessons), not a blister, not a cramp.
                  Well done and thank you.

                  • Anne (Thursday, November 8, 2018 10:44)

                  I bought two pairs of shoes:
                  One pair open at the back and one pair closed at the back and crossed on top.
                  They are extremely comfortable and impeccable stability. (like in slippers)
                  I highly recommend these shoes.
                  Long live Lalatango


                  • Corine (Tuesday, November 6, 2018 1:27 p.m.)

                  Good morning ! I came across your site by chance! Congratulations !!! Your product is really beautiful and we feel (reading your explanations) the enormous work you have done (I can talk about it, I develop shoes in Italy with the first Coba)
                  A word of advice: launch a West Coast line, there is nothing pretty or well done.

                  • Tatiana (Monday, October 8, 2018 6:19 p.m.)

                  I bought a black pair with a beige edge, very comfortable with their soft soles, I recommend this brand!


                  • Edwige (Friday, October 5, 2018 11:50)

                  Soft (but not too much!!) and comfortable shoes...
                  and the customer service is very friendly, attentive to our requests, reliable...
                  Thank you Lalatango!

                  • Nathalie (Saturday, September 29, 2018 10:38)

                  I had a hard time choosing! I took 2 pairs, including red ones with a sublime printed heel. I also want the blue ones, the floral ones, the pink ones... I'll come back!
                  They are beautiful and comfortable, a joy.

                  • Alexandra (Tuesday, September 25, 2018 00:45)

                  Back from a 2-hour course: first successful crash test for my new shoes! In addition to being pretty, they are stable and very comfortable, thank you Lalatango!

                  • desbois (Thursday, August 30, 2018 8:44 p.m.)

                  Very happy with my shoes, pretty and very comfortable!
                  I wore them all evening without any problems.
                  I recommend the Lalatango brand.

                  • inès (Friday, August 10, 2018 11:00)

                  I am very proud to be Lalatango's very first customer! I haven't tried my new milonga heels yet but I'm wearing them at home in the meantime and they are very comfortable and beautiful!