Which model to choose to dance the tango?

To dance the tango, it is very important that the foot is well supported in the shoes. When you try on your tango shoes, they should therefore fit snugly, if not a little tight. The leather will then relax slightly, more or less depending on the type of leather used.

Our models are made with different leathers. Some are more flexible than others, and will quickly adapt to the feet, even relax a little. They are generally considered more comfortable. This is the case with suede leather, more commonly known as "suede". This is why our size recommendations may differ depending on the type of leather used (see the What size should I choose? section).

Regarding women's shoes / follower shoes, we sometimes tend to think that those with an open back are unstable and hold the foot less. In fact, if the straps of open-back shoes are snug, they support the ankle very well, even during pivots. The open back also allows your foot to move back a little more than if the back is closed, it fits better in the shoe whose arch better supports the arch of the foot. If you have a very arched foot, open-back shoes are likely to be more comfortable for you.
Of course, the choice is yours.

The Cross models are suitable for narrow feet as well as wide feet thanks to their two adjustable cross straps!